"The problem with some people is that when they aren't drunk the're sober."
Here in pub lore we explore some of the interesting facts relating to the history of beer, wine and the places where they may be enjoyed. Modern day bars and pubs have a worthy pedigree extending back into the dawn of time.Next time you cross the thresh-hold of your favorite establishment pause and remember the ancestry of this worthy pastime. Read the whole section thoroughly, take our test and then graduate from our Drinkers University. We’ll even send you a diploma!

Beers and Ales

The brewing of beers and ales date from the very dawn of history. Learn more about the ancient art of brewing and the variations of the theme.

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Wines and Spirits

As for brewing, the origins of wine-making, are lost in pre-recorded history although most wine historians place its origins to the neolithic period around 7,000 years ago.

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Social Drinking

Some have claimed that the development of alcoholic beverages was the primary catalyst for the rise of civilization. Certainly the early wines and beers provided social lubricants and with them came the entrepreneurs who provided the venues where the grip of the grape or the bite of the barley could be enjoyed.