The Pig

The Pig & Whistle opened its doors in 1990. It has become something of a legend in Taipei over the years. Situated on Tienmou East Road (you cannot miss the big red London phone booth outside), the Pig has over the years, offered the expat business crowd a place in Tienmou to relax and unwind of an evening.

Live music, hoards of local lovelies and a dartboard that is closer to the bar than many of its drinkers would like has kept people coming in.

Originally owned by a consortium and managed by an Expat South African, the Pig set new standards in entertainment and comfort. Unfortunately, as so often happens in Taiwan, once the place started to show a profit, the foreign management expertise was "eased" out and the place reverted to total Chinese management control.

Standards have slipped over the years but customers still keep coming. The Pig offers three basic areas:

The Main Bar which is where the single wannabee guys hang out to forget about Mum and the kids until the place closes (3am);

The Main entertainment area which offers live music every night of the week and a reasonable dinner menu

The downstairs sportsman's bar with pool table and a chance to actually hold a conversation without being drowned out by the music or hit in the head with an errant dart.

The Piglets

When the management split came in the early 90's, the original owners went off and opened new Pig & Whistle pubs in Taichung and Kaohsiung following the same format. We haven't checked for a while but both places appeared to be holding standards and were plenty of fun.

There is another Pig in Taipei recently opened in the University area on the corner of Shih Da Road and Roosevelt Road. We have heard rumours regarding ownership but nothing to confirm. It seems to have some association with the Tienmou Pig. This new place is an abomination. We tried it twice just to make sure but service was not only awful but rude on both occasions. We will never go back.

Opening Hours:11am until 3am every day
Beer Prices: From NT$150 + 10%
Happy Hours: Two for one until 8pm
Food: Good bar menu and dining area
Recreation: Girls, darts, girls, music, girls, pool, girls