Night Owls

night owls
“May the most you wish for Be the least you get.”

For the dedicated insomniacs in our midst that are always in search of the perfect drop!

Pity those poor people. You know the ones we mean. Dedicated nights in armour in search of their own particular holy grail - or to put it more appositely, their own particular holy water.

Most of them quickly find their own particular Camelot where they are greeted by name (the mark of a true hostelry) when they enter the premises, where the barman knows their drink and their mood before they utter a word and where, no matter how much they imbibe in the course of an evening, they can pay their bill with confidence knowing that if their is a mistake in the tab it will probably be in their favour.

Sounds to good to be true? Well we are still looking and refuse to be deterred. But, hey, we welcome all-comers and are happy to share our experiences. We haven’t tried out every bar in Asia as yet although it is a worthy enough goal - surely someone, somewhere would fund it as a “research project”. However we have made a start. So, for those fellow travelers through life who like to end the day in the company of friends and enjoying a good yarn here are some suggestions for a pleasant night out on the town.

By the way, we are all for responsible drinking. Over indulge and you (and your loved ones) may pay the price. Common sense rules OK?

So go out and enjoy life!

Here are our recommendations for drinking and dining: