The Hsiaoling Pub

Just about everybody in Taipei has heard of the Hsiaoling and most foreigners - at least those that aspire to the occasional night-owl syndrome - have dropped by at one time or another. It is justifiably famous as one of the last of the more traditional "club/bars" that used to be everywhere in Taipei but which now are really confined to the "other" entertainment area around Linsen North Road and Nanking East Road.

The Hsiaoling is really "Japanese style" though you would not know it from the clientele which is around European and Chinese in equal mix. The formula is a simple one: hire a number of pretty young ladies, make sure they speak passable English and have them rotate between the tables making conversation with the guests and making sure everyone has a drink. As a result, people feel welcome at the Hsiaoling and keep coming back. The only problem is that it is a relatively small pub and so popular that it is often hard to get a seat.

Jointly owned by Wendy and Michelle, the Hsiaoling has followed the same successful formula for more than12 years and has to be one of the most profitable bars in Taipei. A visit to this place is always a lot of fun and the ladies are there to joke and drink with but nothing more. Uncouth behavior is tolerated and is part of the fun but has its limits.

This is a good place to visit with friends for an inexpensive night of fun and if you are a visitor to Taipei, it is also a good place to meet some of the resident foreigners; either way you will not be left to drink alone - not unless you want it that way.

A point of etiquette: There is no obligation to purchase drinks for the ladies but if you are occupying her time for any extended period, it would be a normal courtesy. As in all pubs in the area, the ladies do get a portion of the drink price returned as a "tip". And do remember, that despite all the fun and bravado, these are real ladies and deserve respect as such. IE When you leave, the ladies stay. Got the picture?

Opening Hours: 7 pm ~ 3 am every day
Beer Prices: From NT$120 + 10%
Happy Hours: Until 8:30pm (30% discount)
Food: To order
Recreation: Loud music and girls who just want to have fun

The Hsiaoling Pub
2nd Fl, 20, Shuang Cheng Street
Tel: (02) 2591 8995