Brown Sugar - Jazz Pub

Brown Sugar is part of the TU chain which includes the TU Pub and the TU Cafe. The TU Pub (on Fu Hsing South Road - across from the Howard Plaza Hotel) is actually a basement disco - very popular with the younger set but very crowded, smoky and a definite fire trap! How it has escaped inspection - who knows. Rumour has it that the band has a secret way out in case of emergency.

By contrast, Brown Sugar caters to a more sophisticated and more up-market clientele. A few people hang around the bar (no service unless you are seated) but the vast majority take a table, order food and wine and stay for the evening. Best to go with a group of friends - not much fun for singles - unless you are addicted to the music.

Unfortunately, the place is marred by the attitude of the wait staff. Being a popular spot, they often take the view that they are actually doing you a favour by letting you in and they will bring the drinks when THEY feel like it rather than when you want it. If you want to enjoy your night, take a quite chuckle at their condescending attitude and leave it at that.

Opening Hours:11:00am ~ 02:00am
Beer Prices: From NT$150 + 10%
Happy Hours: Not known - always a happy place
Food: good finger food and light meals available until midnight
Recreation: live music from Tuesday to Sunday; some of the best jazz and blues to be heard in Taiwan

Brown Sugar - Jazz Pub
1F, 218 Chun Shan South Road, Section 2
Telephone: (02) 2322 4677