In the Kitchen, From the Chef's Collection

chef collection
"Here’s to the food at our table, the wine in our glass and the friends that share both with us.”

Back in the early nineties, we had an interest in a Taipei pub. It was a favored haunt of the local expat community and although small, we tried (and succeeded) to imbue it with a true family atmosphere. Part of the enjoyment of course was serving some real “pub grub”. This was before cable TV had invaded our homes and many a Saturday or Sunday afternoon was spent watching the televised rugby (or Aussie rules football) using our satellite connection while we downed cold beer and hot sausage rolls.
In the Kitchen
Anyway here are some of the favored recipes from our pub kitchen. Much of it is finger food that would go well at any drinks party plus we include a few hot dishes for those who want something more substantial.

Including a recipe for a Blue Cheese Dressing may sound a bit strange but had you been inTaipei during the period you would know that EVERY salad served in a Taipei restaurant came with Thousand Island dressing whether you wanted it or not. We chose to be different. Then there is the hot chocolate pudding. Not on the menus actually, but we served it once at a party. Big mistake, no other dish was so often requested after that!