Fingas Bar and Restaurant (Finga's Base Camp)


Fingas Bar and Restaurant (Finga's Base Camp), of which it is now known and in 2000 moved into a much bigger grander location where they can now proudly established with full on western restaurant in Taiwan, located at 61 Chung Ming south rd, Taichung. Several of the Finga's staff has been to the U.S, Australia and Germany for training in specialist areas. Many of the staff at Finga's has worked since they began catering industry in the kitchen, bakery or the bar and service sector of the restaurant.

CUISINEauClair is now open serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Relax in the art deco adorned dining room on the 1st floor of the Hung's Mansion Hotel and share some great times with your family and let us pamper you with fine food and service.
CUISINEauClair, Fingas Bar and Restaurant (Finga's Base Camp)
Taichung's best eatery for good tucker with an Italian flavour Open for lunch and dinner (closed Mondays) 17-1 Ching Cheng Road, Taichung (turn right off Taichungkang road, just past the Evergreen Hotel)

Now 18 years later and in a different location, Finga’s Base Camp pretty much makes everything they sell, including, smoked deli products, chicken, smoked salmon, bacon, hams and sausages. The bakery is the anchor of work and produces, breads, pastries, candies, biscuits, cakes and hot and cold set dessert products. Finga’s base camp is also a restaurant making and serving a wide selection of deli style foods from around the world and many of these foods are now available through web site.

Reasonable prices; no service charge (tips appreciated)

Chef'S Favorite Recipes - From The Chef'S Collection

61 Chung Ming South Rd, Taichung
Tel: (04) 2327-7750