Dealing with Emergencies

The Philippines is generally a safe place in which to travel and work provided sensible precautions are taken although the wise traveler will always be prepared for an emergency. If you are planning an extended stay it would be wise to register your presence in Philippines with your country's local consular office. A number of countries maintain a register of their nationals for assistance in emergency situations. Be aware though that if you are a dual national and enter Philippines on a Philippine passport rather than your foreign passport, you may not be entitled to the full benefits of consular assistance from an embassy.

We include a list of consular emergency numbers within this section of our website.

You should in any event acquaint yourself with emergency procedures for dealing with typhoons and earthquakes.

In cases of other emergency, contact can also be made with the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila on (632) 834-4000 . We also include a page with other useful telephone numbers.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need consular assistance, it is very important that you provide your consular office with full details of your situation and advise them promptly of any subsequent developments relevant to your case. It is a good idea to carry a photocopy of the identity page of your passport with you at all times.

Emergency Numbers

General Assistance

Directory Assistance


National Operator


International Operator


Direct Dialing Assistance


Emergency Medical Care

Ambulance Services

EARnet (national emergency response service)


Ace Score

749 5477

Life Arrows

727 8321

Hospitals & Medical Services

Makati Medical Center

2 Amorsolo corner Dela Rosa Street, Makati City

Tel:          (632) 815-9911

Carlos Santos Medical Center

Wilson Street, San Juan, Metro Manila

Tel:          (632) 727-0001

Manila Doctor’s Hospital

667 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila

Tel:          (632) 524-3011

St. Luke’s Medical Center

279 Rodriguez Boulevard, Quezon City

Tel:           (632) 723-0301

Medical Center Manila

1122 General Luna Street, Ermita, Manila

Tel:         (632) 523-8131

Police and Fire Services


166 or 167

Fire Brigade


Fire Services - Makati Area

843 3834

Civil Defense Operations Center


National Poison Control Information Service

524 1078

Other Emergency Numbers



Manila Water Services


Maynilad Water Services




Bantay Bata (Child Abuse)


OMenlead (Women’s Legal Education, Advocacy and Defense Foundation Inc.)