The Community

In this section of our website you will find information that will help you become part of the growing community of foreigners who live and work in the Philippines. Living in the Philippines can be a great experience – albeit sometimes with all the frustrations of living in a place where things may be done somewhat differently (and at a different pace) from “back home”. However, if you take the time to become part of the local community then you will soon relax and get into the swing of life here. There is much to enjoy.

community of Philippines

Chambers of Commerce

The various business chambers are a good place to start in networking with other members of the business community. The Philippines Chamber of Commerce has over 1600 members plus affiliations with regional and local chambers throughout the Philippines. There are also specialist organizations including the various national chambers and industry associations.

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Manila Churches

The Philippines is predominantly a Christian country and levels of attendance are much higher than in most western countries. The various church groups play an important role in Philippines social life and many offer services in both English and Tagalog.

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Manila Churches

Embassies in Manila

Here you will find a list of the major embassies and trade offices. If you require consular assistance then please check in the travel bag.

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Foreign Associations

Aside from the chambers of commerce there are a number of foreign associations and clubs that provide social outlets for nationals living in the Philippines. Here we define “clubs” to mean those that meet regularly and welcome foreigners but do not have their own premises.

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Membership Clubs

Membership clubs are those members’ organizations that are predominantly business or family oriented and which provide premises for dining and recreation. Some of these also have sporting facilities attached to them.

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