Leisure Guide

Just as our Travel Bag provides essential reference information for travelers so too does our Leisure Guide provide you with an insight of how to make the most out of your time in the Philippines – whether you plan to be here for a week or a lifetime, you don’t want to waste a minute.

This is an immense and interesting country with a rich history and a diverse cultural base. It will take us years to cover the whole ground so we are starting from a few essential pointers and moving out from there.

Here is a summary of what you will find in this area of our website:


Fun Stuff - Places to Visit

Perhaps we should rephrase this and call it the “Lonely Philippines”. We would, but we would probably be sued! Here anyway is our own (sometimes candid) opinion on things worth doing and places worth going. We don’t put up anything we haven’t checked out for ourselves and we give fair warning that we prefer the road less traveled when it comes to travel information. Forget the organized tours and the five star luxury, we give down to earth recommendations for those who want to have fun – and still play it safe!


The Community

If you are spending any length of time in the Philippines then you will want to link up with other members of the foreign community. Here you will find a list of the most common and active organizations that provide support to foreigners either on a business, social or other basis.



Some pointers on how to relax and unwind in Manila with tips on dining, cultural events, sports and shopping. As time goes on we will expand this section to bring you the latest tips on places worth seeking out.


The Virtual Pub

Looking for the night life. Check out our Virtual Pub for some tips on what to do and where to go. Enjoy: Virtual Pub - Virtual Bar

The information contained on this page was obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable; we furnishes the information without warranty of any kind. Find useful information for foreign travelers who are planning to visit the Philippines! You may visit the websites:
Department of Tourism - Wow Philippines: http://www.wowphilippines.com.ph/ or http://www.tourism.gov.ph/
Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporation: http://www.dotpcvc.gov.ph/