JJ's Bar & Restaurant

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Simply a Place to Have Fun!

Undoubtedly JJ's Bar at the top of P. Burgos street in Makati is an oasis within a desert… A "man's place" yet acceptable for any lady'; simple, but comfortable; clean and plenty of hearty laughter from the patrons who have found JJ's Bar in Makati simply a place to have fun!

The beer is cold, medium priced and always served with a smile. The standard size billiard table is crowded at times but welcomes patrons to shoot a game with a new friend or play against your mates.
JJ's Bar front
There are numerous clubs in the Makati area sporting various catchy design concepts. At JJ's however, there is no "theme" other than what you wish it to be. Rest assured no one gets hustled in this place. The wait staff is friendly but unobtrusive and the atmosphere makes a person feel welcome.

Gerry Champion, the owner of JJ's is affectionately known as the "big man." He takes a personal interest in seeing to it that every customer feels at home and he welcomes you to visit JJ's and become a new friend.

Come by yourself or with your lady friend - either way once you visit once you will most likely become a regular. Saturday nights there is live music to enjoy. Kick back and relax with the nice people.

JJ's opens at five in the afternoon till one in the morning or longer. Serving appetizers Fresh fruit drinks and always-Good cheer.

JJ's Bar map
JJ's Bar
8463 Kalayann Ave.
(Near to Burgos Street and next to Huto's restaurant)
Tel: 895-1647